Poetry works:

Past/Ongoing projects:

  • Sounds With Sarah – an aural experience of walking available in all podcast players
  • New Post Occupancy – research project visiting and documenting New Deal era post offices
  • #SublimeCity / #WalkYourCity – a subversive Instagram series that brings the language(s) of nature(s) into the city and creates safer public space for women through solo city walks via @Shapi20s

Her poetry has been published in:

She has presented/exhibited at:

Other writing:

  • Broadsided Press – “Broadsides to Books: A Not-So-Silent Body” review – August 2021
  • Broadsided Press – “Broadsides to Books: Familiar Country” review – December 2020
  • Broadsided Press – “Broadsides to Books: Mouth and Mastodon” review – November 2019