Sarah A. Shapiro

Sarah Shapiro is a poet, visual artist, and rambler.

She has taught courses at UMass Boston including Composition, Creative Writing, Osher Long Life Institute, Suffolk County Correctional Facility, and Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Sarah holds an MFA in Poetry from UMass Boston. She also holds an MA in Cultural Geography and Creative Writing from Royal Holloway, University of London and a BA in Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College.

Her forthcoming chapbook is Being Called Normal, to be published in 2020 by tall-lighthouse, London, UK. Her previous chapbook is The Bullshit Cosmos, published in July 2019 by ignitionpress of Oxford Brookes University.

Past/Ongoing projects:

  • New Post Occupancy – research project visiting and documenting New Deal era post offices
  • #SublimeCity / #WalkYourCity – a subversive Instagram series that brings the language(s) of nature(s) into the city and creates safer public space for women through solo city walks via @Shapi20s
  • Sounds With Sarah – an aural experience of walking available in all podcast players

Her poetry has been published in:

  • The Cardiff Review, Cardiff, Wales, UK – “Tashlikh: In Cambridge, MA” – June 2020
  • The Scores, St Andrews, UK – “Raincoat” – Issue 7, Winter 2020
  • SMOKE, Liverpool, UK – Winter 2020
  • *82Review, Berkeley, CA, USA – “Gardening” – Issue 7.2, June 2019
  • TIMBER, Boulder, CO, USA – “Defining Words You Can’t Spell” – Issue 9.1, June 2019
  • Glittermob, New York, NY, USA – Issue 10, Winter 2018
  • She Grrrowls Zine, London, UK – Spring 2017
  • Poetica Magazine, Richmond, VA, USA – Fall 2016
  • Bunbury Magazine, London, UK – Issue 14, October 2016
  • Bedford Square 9, Bedford Square Anthology, London UK – March 2016

She has presented/exhibited at:

Contact her: Sarah[at]